Friday, December 16, 2011

I Found An Amazing Toner!

I have finally found a fantastic toner. It's from the company Avalon Organics. It's the Vitamin C Balancing Facial Toner. My skin is so soft and even toned after applying this toner. It's free of toxic chemicals and is full of antioxidants.

Here are the ingredients:
Organic lavandula angustifolia (lavender)(1), chamomilla recutita (chamomile)(1), camellia sinensis (white tea)(2) and organic arnica montana(3) extracts (aqueous), organic aloe barbadensis(2), panthenol (pro-vitamin B5), magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (vitamin C), melatonin, lemon bioflavonoids, organic cucumis sativus (cucumber) and calendula officinalis extracts(2), allantoin, vegetable glycerin, sodium PCA, citric acid, salicylic acid, hydrogenated castor oil, echinacea purpurea, ginkgo biloba, camellia sinensis (green tea) and carica papaya fruit extracts, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin, benzyl alcohol, organic citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) oil(2) and other essential oils.

Here is what it does:

Avalon Organics Balancing Facial Toner with Vitamin C, organic Aloe, Cucumber and Papaya extracts gently removes impurities, tones pores and balances your skin's natural moisture protecting against free radical damage generated by sun exposure.

Formulated with a powerful antioxidant team - Vitamins C and E, Lemon Bioflavanoids and Melatonin plus White and Green Teas - because antioxidants perform longer and more effectively when used in combination.

This balancing facial toner with Vitamin C, organic Aloe, Cucumber and Papaya extracts gently removes impurities, tones pores and balances your skin's natural moisture protecting against free radical damage generated by sun exposure.

You can purchase Avalon products at Walmart where you'll find it for the cheapest price. Online you can find the best price at

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My favorite makeup look for fall and winter

The makeup look in this picture is stunning. It's such a warm, glowy, ethereal look. It sort of reminds me of the Dynasty, Charlies Angels, Falcon Crest era of makeup. Ever notice when you watch those shows the woman seem to glow with warmth off the screen. That is actually what motivated me to get into makeup. I was 8 yrs old sitting on the corner of my mother's bed watching Charlies Angels. I would sit there in awe of there beauty. I said to myself that day forward that I will learn to look like that. So there became my obsession with makeup. My mother would take me into Bloomingdales and let me get my makeup done for free. Those were the good old days. I would stay in there for hours mesmerized by all the dancing colors shining off the glass counters. Even as I got older and was having a bad day, there was nothing a walk through the Bloomingdales beauty dept couldn't fix. Well, back to this lovely woman's makeup, this look reminded me of what makeup is suppose to be. It's to give you a lit from within look. Not to get all Ghandi on you, but makeup should bring out your inner spiritual glow. I truly believe when a woman looks her best, she feels her best and she glows from within. I love the warm brown on her eyes and the hightlight on her cheeks. I also love the soft full lips that bring the look together. It's not overstated, it's actually understated to perfection. I will be recreating this look and will post the pictures. What do you think about this makeup look? What is your favorite memory with makeup? I would love to hear from you. Remeber girls, keep your glow on.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Upcoming Product Reviews

I have been swamped lately with products sent to me by companies. I take my time in reviewing these products. For example, I don't do a review on a product unless I have used it at least a month or more. Especially with skin care products, it takes time to build a sensitivity to a product. It also takes time to see improvement in the skin from a product. I offer my true opinion of the product and what it delivers. If I don't believe in the product I will tell you it's crap. The reason I started this blog was to help other woman make educated choices on what beauty products they purchase. I have been duped by many department store counters, you know who you are! I have been pulled in by dreamy marketing and commercials promising the world. I have spent a lot of my hard earned money on crap. So girls, I speak the truth here at Pretty in Pink Gloss. I am a New York girl who doesn't like being fooled. I am on a mission to bring you the truth on what products work and what doesn't. I have read countless books, magazines, chemistry books on skincare, articles on toxic skin care ingredients, countless dermatology books and articles. Here is a list of upcoming reviews that will be detailed and in depth. I promise you my true opinion. I was sent these products in an exchange for a review on my blog. I was not paid for any of these reviews. So here they are.

1. Misikko Hana Hair Dryer and Shine Shield Serum

2. Sibu Skincare products

3. Skintactix- a line for acne

4. Murad Anti-aging system

5. PMD- Personal Microdermabrasion System

6. Nu Brilliance Microdermabrasion System

As you can see I am a little backed up on reviews.

These reviews will be posted this week and I look forward to your questions.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Maybelline Baby Lips Balm

I am a lip balm fanatic in case you didn't know. My lips tend to be dry like the Sahara Desert year round. It doesn't help that as you get older your lips loose there volume and hydration. So when I came across a new line of lip balms from Maybelline called Baby Lips, I was super excited to say the least. It claims to visibily renew lips and make them baby soft in 4 weeks. It also contains an SPF of 20 which is vital to keeping lips looking young. I have yet to purchase these little bad boys but I have done my research on where there the cheapest. They cost 3.99 each but are 3.49 at Target. I will be purchasing one this weekend and will do a proper review. There are 6 different flavors, peach kiss, peppermint, cherry me, pink punch, grape vine and quench. Has anyone else seen or tried these lip blam? If so I would love your opinion on them.

Monday, October 17, 2011

My current favorite drug store products

I have really been loving products from the drug store lately. Walgreens and Rite Aid have become my Sephora and Ulta dupes. I have always been a why pay more kind of girl. So here is a list in no certain order of some really great products at the drugstore:

1. CoverGirl Cheekers Blush in Natural Rose- A universally flattering rosey pink. It gives a pretty rosey glow without looking like a clown. It's super blendable and stays on all day.

2. Rimmel Bronzer Natural Bronzer in Sunlight- A matte bronzer that gives the right amount of bronze to the cheek without looking orange. It stays on all day and is flatterg to fair to medium skin tones.

3. CoverGirl Single Eyeshadow in Mink- A light shimmery brown that is a great crease or all over lid color. This is a really nice color for fall.

4.Revlon Age Defying with DNA Advantage Cream Makeup- I was very impressed with this foundation. It's a creamy makeup but feels light on the skin. It blends effortlessly and gives a glow to the skin. It's an anti-aging makeup so it won't settle into fine lines. It plumps the skin for a more youthful appearance.

5. Revlon Matte Blush in Perfectly Peach- The name says it all. This is one of the best peach blushes I have ever tried. It blends amazingly in to the skin and it's the perfect color peach. It's not to orange or coral its the perfect peach. I get alot of compliments when I wear this blush. It's matte so it stays on all day and keeps from settling in your pores.

6. Revlon Color Stay Eyeshadow quad in Coffee Bean- This quad has the best brown eyeshadows I have ever tried. This is my go to quad for a brown smokey eye. The colors are georgous and last all day. There super blendable and have a nice finish. I like this quad over any department store eyeshadows.

Well that's it for now. I would love to know some of your favorite drugstore products.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

DIY at home deep facial

There is nothing better than taking sometime out to pamper yourself, especially if your a mommy. Here I list a step by step guide to a DIY at home facial. First I recommend brewing yourself some green tea with honey to get in the mood. Put on some light music and take a few long deep breaths. Okay now here we go,

1. Remove makeup, dit and oil with a cleanser suited for your skin type, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

2. Fill a large pot with water, and place four chamomile tea bags inside to calm redness and reduce bacteria. Bring the water to a boil.

3. Spread a gentle exfoliating mask over your face, avoiding the skin around your eyes, and leave the mask in place for the next step.

4. Remove the boiling water from the heat. WIth a towel over your head, hold you face about a foot above the pot for two to three minutes.

5. Rinse the scub thoroughly and blot dry with a clean towel.

6. Immediately apply a thin layer of a mask. Clay for oily skin; a creamy one with honey , aloe or rnica extract for dry skin and sensitive skin; or, for combination skin, a combination of the two (clay on the t-zone and a hydrating maks everywhere else). Leave on for 10 minutes.

7 Rinse off the mask, and before the skin is completely dry spread a thin layer of moisturizer on the face. This is the best time to apply serums and moisturizers because the skin is like a sponge when it's wet and soaks up the products 50% better than if dry.

8. Rest your skin and do not apply makeup for atleat 6 to 8 hours. So it is best to do this facial in the evening before bed. You can also take your omega fatty acids such as fish oil or flax oil which are great for plumping the skin, and also fighting inflammation, improving circulation and hydrating your skin from the inside out.

What you will need for your facial:

1. Chamomile Tea bags which contain antiseptic and ant-inflammatory qualities, making it especially good for dry and sensitive skin. Tazo Chamomile Calm tea bags are my favorite. You can find these at your local Starbucks or at some Supermarkets.

2. You will need rubberbands or shower cap to keep the hair off your face. A good idea is to put a conditioning oil in your hair such as olive oil, jojobo oil or good old coconut oil(yummy)in your hair then place a shower cap over your hair. Now your killing two birds with one stone by treating your skin and hair.

3.If your skin is dry or senstive use a milky cleanser like Aveeno Active Naturals Ultra Calming Moisturizing Creamy Cleanser or a cleanser of your choice

4. For Oily skin and those prone to breakouts, choose a facial cleanser with salicylic acid to help exfoliate and unclog pores. You can add a few drops of Tea Tree oil to your cleaner for added benefits.

5. On Combination skin, a foaming gel cleanser works best to lift away excess grease without overdrying. Make sure the cleanser is oil-free.

My tips and tricks:

1. If your skin has a tendency toward broken capillaries or redness(rosacea), abstain from steaming( the heat can dilate capillaries worsening the condition). Instead soak washcloth in a pot of chamomile tea. Wait until you can hold it comfortably, then drape if over your face till it cools.

2. Those with dehydrated skin should skip the scub and instead apply a moisturizing cream with hyaluronic acid, glycerin or pathenol over dry areas, allowing the steam to penetrate.

3. For oily or acne-prone skin I recommend applying a mask containing sulfur. Sulfur has natural antibacterial properties, which prevents future breakouts and calms redness.

4. Those who prefer homemade masks, as I do, can treat dry skin with organic raw honey and avocado. For my oily skin sisters like me, stir plain steel cut oatmeal, while it's still warm add two tablespoons of aloe juice and three crushed zinc tablets. For sensitive skin , try a peeled, mashed peach blended with one tablespoon of honey and a few drops of olive oil.

5. To soothe irritated or to calm skin. Try applying Organic Yogurt. It contains lactic acid and probiotics that refreshen skin. Yogurt also fights off an over proliferation of bacteria known as P. ances which cause acne.

6. To soothe puffy eyes wrap chilled, grated cucumber inside some gauze pads and press each to your eyes.

7. One of my favorite masks is from the Vitamin Shoppe and its called Aztec Indian Clay touted the most powerful facial in the world. It cost $7.00 which isn't bad and last ages. It comes in powder form to mix with organic apple cider. Braggs Organic Apple Cider is a great brand that they also sell at the Vitamin Shoppe for $3.00. For $10.00 you have a great facial.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions I would love to answer them. Do you have any beauty tips and tricks you could share?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Lusty List

Every once and a while I have to share the products I am lusting for at the moment. Here they are in no particular order.

1. Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads
Alpha Beta® Glow Pads
What it is:
An exfoliating self-tanner with antiaging properties and vitamin D.

What it is formulated to do:
Alpha Beta Glow Pads provide a radiant, sun kissed glow year-round, without exposure to the sun's harmful UVA/UVB rays. Formulated with the sun vitamin, Active Vitamin D, these pads give the face believable, natural color.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Dyes
- Petrochemicals
- Phthalates
- GMOs
- Triclosan

What else you need to know:
Microencapsulated DHA and soy proteins deliver odorless, streak free color deep into skin to prevent fading through surface exfoliation. Alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids penetrate the skin to exfoliate, tighten pores, eliminate blackheads, and help fade existing sunspots for an even, streak-free glow. Vitamin D is known for enhancing the benefits of other vitamins and antioxidants found in the formula. This product is gentle enough for all skin types, vegan, and cruelty-free.

2. Mac Well Dressed Blush
A light baby doll pink that gives you a lit from within natural flush

3. Philosophy Purity Made Simple™ Mineral Oil-Free Facial Cleansing Oil
What it is:
A facial cleansing oil formulated without mineral oil.

What it is formulated to do:
Experience luxury in a cleanser. This cleansing oil is designed to comfortably cleanse the face, nurture skin, and provide superior makeup removal. A deep-cleansing blend of natural oils melts away all traces of makeup, dirt, oil and impurities, while maintaining skin's natural moisture levels. The formula feels luxurious, emulsifies easily, and rinses completely, leaving skin perfectly clean and soft.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrances
- Synthetic Dyes
- Petrochemicals
- Phthalates
- GMOs
- Triclosan

4. Kate Somerville ( My idol, she is a Paramedical Esthetician which is what I am going to school for.)
ExfoliKate® Intensive Exfoliating Treatment
What it is:
A dual action exfoliation method.

What it is formulated to do:
Kate Somerville ExfoliKate® Intensive Exfoliating Treatment is Kate's top-selling product, and the next best thing to seeing Kate in the Clinic! Treat yourself to this at-home facial for fantastic, instant results. This signature formula works both physically and enzymatically to deliver safe, dramatic results in one application. It effectively combats acne and blackheads, reduces discoloration, and polishes skin for a smooth complexion. Welcome to healthy skin, a healthy glow, and a healthy you!

What else you need to know:
This expert formula harnesses the power of fruit enzymes to clarify skin by removing dead cells and eliminating bacteria. It is ideal for all skin types, except sensitive skin.

Research results:
According to Kate Somerville, a 25-person study revealed the following results after one use:
- 72% reported significantly reduced appearance of skin roughness
- 84% said their skin feels softer and smoother
- 88% reported an improvement in the appearance of skin texture
- 72% saw an improvement in their complexion
- 72% said their skin feels supple

5. NUDE Replenishing Night Oil
What it is:
A hydrating complexion oil.

What it is formulated to do:
Nude Replenishing Night Oil is formulated with an essential blend of omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 to provide complete nutrition for all skin types. It nourishes and protects so skin is silky and soft.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrances
- Synthetic Dyes
- Petro-Chemicals
- Phthalates

What else you need to know:
Powerful antioxidant oils protect against free radical damage. It's delicately fragranced with Tahitian vanilla and regenerative rose absolute.

I also have a couple of reviews coming up for PMD (Personal Microdermabrasion System), Misikko Hana Hair Dryer and Skintactix Acne System. All these products were sent to me. All my reviews are honest and my opinion. I will not say I like a product if I don't. So look out for these reviews. Also stay tuned for my DIY at home facial. I do this facial once a week and it has really helped keep my skin clear, bright and smooth. I will also be listing the supplements I have been using lately to keep my skin clear and youthful, lord knows at age 37 I need it. See ya soon girly girls!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Please sign the petition for Caylees Law!

I am outraged at what happen to this beautiful baby girl. Our justice system needs to change so monsters like Casey Anthony our held accountable for child neglect amongst other things. Please help sign this petition in to law so that parents will have to be held accountable for not alerting authorities when there child goes missing. This law will make it a felony to not report a child missing. Let's not let this angels death be in vain like our justice system. Here is the link where you could sign this petition here

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NYC Bronzer in Sunny at the Dollar Tree

The Dollar Tree has become one of my favorite places to find quality makeup for cheap. I was pleasantly suprised to find NYC's Bronzer in Sunny at the Dollar Tree. This is my favorite bronzer and it's only one dollar, life can't get any better. I also spotted Maybeline single eyeshadows and blushes, NYC lip liners and blushes, ElF makeup brushes, Revlon Matte single eyeshadows, Loreal eyeshadows and lip liners and Almay foundation. I also seen Loreal True Match foundation but in one shade only. I purchased 5 NYC Bronzers and a Revlon Matte Eyeshadow in a rich brown color. If you have a Dollar Tree near you check it out!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Toxic Free Skin Care

I have been researching products that contain little to no chemicals in there ingredients. Here is a list of products as well as natural skin care remedies.

1. Burt's and Bees Radiance Cleanser
2. Dr. Bronner Hemp Cleanser with Tea Tree Oil ( for oily skin types)
3. MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Cleanser
4. MyChelle Pumpkin Creamy Cleaner
5. MyChelle Clear Skin Cleanser
6. First Aid Beauty Facial Cleanser
7. Nutriganics Foaming Facial Cleanser
8. Ren Hydra-Calm Cleansing Milk
9. Ren Hydra-Calm Cleansing Gel
10.Alba Botanic Pineapple Enzyme Cleanser
11.Oy! Organic young no gunk natural 90% certified organic cleanser, makeup remover & moisturizer
12.Befine Exfoliatin​g Cleanser with Brown Sugar
13.Befine Pore Refining Scrub with Jojoba, Coconut and Citrus
14.Alba Botanica Pineapple Facial Cleanser

1. Josie Maran Organic Argan Oil
2. First Aid Beauty 5 in Face Cream
3. Burt's and Bees Radiance Day Lotion Spf 15
4. Avalon Organics Vitamin C Vitality Facial Serum
5. Dessert Essence Jojoba Oil
6. Mychelle Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum
7. Ren Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum
8. Ren Matte Balancing Day Fluid
9. Befine Daily Moisturizer with Rosemary, Pomegranate and Rice with SPF25
10 Organic Coconut Oil
11.99% Aloe Vera Gel
12.Envision Beauty -The Solution

1. Alba Botanica Facial Toner
2. The Source Skincare White Tea and Peppermint Toner
3. Befine Firming Toner with Ginger and Willow Bark
4. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar ( make sure you rinse after using this as a toner)
5. Witch Hazel

1. Befine Night Cream with Cocoa, Millet and Rice Bran
2. Origins Plantscription
3. Josie Maran Argan Oil
4. MyChelle Deep Repair Cream unscented
6. MyChelle Revitalizing Night Cream unscented
7. Ren Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peeling Mask
8. Ren Omega 3 Over Night Lipid Renewal Serum
9. Ren Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream
10.Ren Keep Young and Beautiful SH²C Serum
11.Dessert Essence Jojoba Oil

1. Juice Beauty SPF 30 Mineral Light Moisturizer
2. Befine Daily Moisturizer with Rosemary, Pomegranate and Rice with SPF25
3. MD Solar Science Mineral Screen Gel

1. Tom's of Maine Aluminum Free Deodorant

1. Organic Yogurt and Lemon
2. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay- "The Most Powerful Facial" Highly recommended
3. Befine Warming Clay Mask with Cardomom, Pomegranate and Arnica

1. Baking soda- 2 teaspoons of baking soda and add water to form a thick paste.
2. Lemon and sugar- sugar with a teaspoon of lemon juice

This is just a few products that I have been researching so there is more to come. When at all possible use ingredients you have in your kitchen such as:

1. Organic Yogurt- exfoliator and moisturizer in one.
2. Organic Honey- moisturizer
3. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar- balances the PH in your skin
4. Oatmeal- Soothing moisturizer
5. Lemon- great to fade dark spots and exfoliates
6. Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil- Moisturizer
7. Green Tea- Use tea bags as a toner or to place on eyes for a soothing effect. Drink at least 2 cups of organic decaffeinated green tea a day.
8. Aloe- You can buy a aloe plant and cut and peel out the gel and use it as moisturizer. You can also add it to juice for a detoxifier

Stay tuned there's more to come. Most of these products can be found at The Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, Sephora, Ulta, CVS and Walgreens.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Researching Toxic Free Skincare

I recently wrote a post on toxic skincare and its effects on the body. I am currently on a mission to find toxic free skincare. I'll tell you it has not been easy! I am researching the following products, face wash, moisturizers, toners and anti-aging products. I was in CVS the other day and read the ingredient list to almost all the skincare products on the shelf. I was amazed to see each and every product contained 1 or more toxic ingredients. This is going to be a challenge but I will get it done. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Upcoming Posts

Here are a few upcoming posts that I am working on:

1. Toxic Free Skincare Products

2. Pretty in Pink Gloss Honorable Mentions

3. My Lust List (products I am lusting for)

4. Anti-Aging Secrets

5. Natural Skincare Remedies

6. My Beauty Routine (masks, scrubs, treatments ect..)

7. Cultural Beauty

8. My favorite Bronzers and Blushes

9. Latin Beauty ( I am half spanish and irish)

10.What was your first experience with makeup and beauty?

11.My journey in becoming an Esthetician, skincare expert and developing my own skincare line.

12.Makeup looks for spring such as, (emerald fairy, ocean goddess and sunset diva).

I am excited about these upcoming post and hope you will be staying tuned lovelies!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Top Ten Toxic Ingriedients in Skin Care

Top 10: Toxic Ingredients

1. Lead- A neurotoxin that can accumulate in the body over time. Found in lipsticks, hair dyes, hair care, etc. Often listed as lead and lead acetate.

2. Mercury- Known to cause damage to the brain and diminish function. Found in mascaras, etc. Often listed as mercury, thimerosol, mercuric oxide, phenyl mercuric acetate, and phenyl mercuric benzoate.

3. Phthalates- These tiny plasticizers can cause infertility, feminization of baby boys and sperm damage. Found in "fragrance," nail polish, nail treatment, etc. Often listed as phthalate, dibutyl phthalate and diethyl phthalate. These tricky toxins can legally be left out of ingredient list, encompassed under "fragrance." So when buying a product that does not specify fragrance as being naturally derived, I suggest contacting the company.

4. Hydroquinone- This skin bleaching ingredient can cause ochronosis, an irreversible skin condition causing black and black raised bumps on the skin. Found in skin lighteners, anti-agers, hair color/bleach, SPF products, concealer, acne treatments, astringent/toners, etc. Often listed as hydroquinone.

5. Petroleum- Byproducts of this non-renewable, industrial resource still make their way into cosmetic products despite the high-incidence of cancer causing contaminants. Found in facial cleansers, moisturizers, facial treatments, styling products, eye make-up, soap, anti-perspirants, concealer, sunscreens, etc. Often listed as petroleum, petrolatum, petroleum distillates, mineral oil, mineral spirits, unspecified waxes and paraffins.

6. Parabens- These estrogen-mimickers have been found in breast tumors, linked to breast cancer and known tocause hormonal activity in the body. Found in deodorants, lotions, eye shadows, shampoos, facial cleansers, body washes, facial moisturizers, etc. Often listed as methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, isobutylparaben, (I pretty much avoid anything ending in "paraben").

7. Sodium Lauryl Sulfates- These commonly found chemicals have been shown to cause severe changes to the skin, though studies linking them to cancer are still debatable. Found in toothpastes, shampoos, facial cleansers, body wash, acne treatment, exfoliants, moisturizers, hair color/bleach, etc. Often listed as sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium dodecyl sulfate, sulfuric acid, monodecyl ester and monododecyl ester.

8. Formaldehyde - This awful enbalmer is not just awful smelling, it is also known to cause respiratory irritation as well as cancercancer. Found in nail polish, baby soaps, eye lash adhesives, hair products, sunscreens, etc. Often listed as formaldehyde, formalin, formic aldehyde, Merthaldehyde, methanal, methyl aldehyde, oxomethane, oxymethylene.

9. Coal Tar- A known carcinogen that still makes its way in to beauty products used daily. Found in shampoo, skin treatment, anti-redness creams, bath oils, conditioners, bath salts, bath soaks, etc. Often listed as coal, tar and coal tar solution.

10. Food Allergens- Though little research is currently available on the subject, food allergies and sensitivities can cause rashes, irritation and breakouts. My suggestion is to check all labels for any ingredients that may be of concern to you.

1. Parabens were found in 18 out of 20 breast tumors in women. They also cause rapid growth of those tumors?

2. Methylparaben is exposed to sunlight it can cause skin aging and DNA.

3. Parabens can mimic the hormone estrogen which is known to play a role in breast cancer.

4. In individuals with normal skin, parabens are, for the most part, non-irritating and non-sensitizing. Parabens can, however, cause skin irritation and contact dermatitis and rosacea in individuals with paraben allergies, a small percentage of the general population.

5. Grapefruit seed extract that is promoted as a natural preservative was identified as containing artificial preservatives such as methylparaben.

6. Parabens are used as antmicrobials in our food.

1. Use Aluminum, paraben & chemical-free organic coconut oil deodorants.

2. Use natural toothpaste that is fluoride, paraben and sulfalte free

3. Use an all natural face wash. Dr. Bronner Magic Soaps that come in bar and liquid form are all natural. They contain organic oils such as coconut, eucalyptus, unscented baby-mild, citrus orange, rose and tea tree oil which is my favorite.

4. Use an all natural facial moisturizer such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil Jojoba oil, and Almond oil. The Vitamin Shoppe has fantastic all natural facial moisturizers.

5. Watch what you put in your body. Check all food labels, eat organic as much as possible.

6. Use a all natural mineral foundation free of parabens and other harmful chemicals.

In this day and age we as consumers must be responsible and educated as to what is put on and in our bodies. We aren't gonna be able to avoid all of these chemicals because there in everything as well as other harmful chemicals. Don't make yourself nuts just be aware. I haven't always been on top of what I put on my body. I am only now learning about the toxic chemicals I have been putting on my body. Now I want to get this information out there to everyone so you can be better educated as well. Companies are out to make a buck at societies expense. Just be diligent and do your homework. Print out the list of toxic ingredients at the top of this post and check for those ingredients in food or cosmetics. It's a start, right? What is your feeling on this subject? I love your feedback.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am obsessed with self help books! Here are a few of my favorite

As i have explained before I am an avid reader. I was never the one for Novels and fiction books. I leaned more towards self help, alternative medicine, skincare, health and makeup books. My favorite books to read these days are self help books. There is nothing more exhilarating then finding a quote in a book that as Oprah would say, gives you that ah ah moment. I think everyone would benefit from reading a self help book, especially these days when it seems like the world couldn't be more in chaos. I like to here other peoples views on life and there advice on how enrich your life. I feel we are all here to learn from each other. This is why I write a blog in the first place. I love to share everything I have learned with the world, beauty and non-beauty related. I have a love and passion for all things beauty, no just the superficial kind. So here is a list of self help books that I think you would love. Lastly, you can go borrow these books from the library so there is no reason to run out and pay for it. I borrowed all these books from my local library. The Library should be every ones best friend in my opinion.

1. Jack Canfield: The Success Principles- How to get from where your are to where you want to be
2. Dr Wayne Dyer: Excuses Begone: How to change lifelong, self-defeating thing habits
3. Dr. Wayne Dyer: Manifest Your Destiny; The nine spiritual principles for getting everything you want
4.Dr. Wayne Dyer: The Power of Intent: Learning to co-create your world your way

This are just a couple of my favorites. There are many more but these are the best.

Check them out you won't regret it. What do you think of self help books? I love your feedback.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cetaphil Cleanser- Toxic?

I have been advised by many dermatologist over the years to use Cetaphil Cleanser because it was supposed to be a gentle face wash. Over the past year I have been doing a lot of research on skin care ingredients. I have come up with a list of ingredients that should be avoided. I will post that list in my next blog post, titled, "Toxic Skincare". I have discovered that a main ingredient in Cetaphil Cleanser also giving to me by my pediatrician for my babies eczema is Propylene Glycol. This is a known skin irritant. What the F---? Here is a list of what Propylene Glycol is in:

Propylene Glycol

A cosmetic form of mineral oil found in automatic brake and hydraulic fluid and industrial antifreeze. In the skin and hair, propylene glycol works as a humectant, which causes retention of moisture content of skin or cosmetic products by preventing the escape of moisture or water. The Material Safety Data Sheet warns users to avoid skin contact with propylene glycol as this strong skin irritant can cause liver abnormalities and kidney damage.

Propylene glycol is Commonly found in:

* makeup
* shampoo
* deodorant
* detangler
* styling mousse
* cleansing cream
* mascara
* soap
* skin cream
* bubble bath
* baby powder
* conditioner
* toner
* after shave
* baby wipes

Also in:

* Tire sealant
* Rubber cleaner
* De-icer
* Stain removers
* Fabric softener
* De-greaser
* Paint
* Adhesive
* Wallpaper stripper

How can companies put this known toxic substance in our skincare and cosmetics. What is going on? Other known toxic and cancer causing substances are Parabens. Did you know that a woman was found to have parabens in a tumor taking out of her breasts. This is insane. We must educate ourselves about what we put on and in our bodies. Were so trusting of these companies not to mention Dermatologist who offer up products that are known carcinogen's. Cetaphil also contains sulfates which are extremely drying to the skin. So I ask, how gentle can Cetaphil be? Or is it another gimmick at the cost of our health. I suggest going to the whole foods store or The Vitamin Shoppe for healthy toxic free products. Do your homework and don't just put any product on your body. I will list some natural toxic free cleansers I found at The Vitamin Shoppe in my next post about Toxic Skincare. What do you think? I would love your feedback.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask- An amazing mud mask!

I have been looking all my life for the perfect mud mask and I have found it! It's called Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask and that's exactly what it is a beauty secret. It comes in powder form to be mixed with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar which is another miracle for skin. There is only one ingredient, 100% pure Bentonite Clay. The product is touted the world's most powerful facial and that is exactly what it is. The first time I used it the blackheads on my pores were gone! I am serious! It pulls all the impurities out of the skin and then closes the pore. The apple cider vinegar normalizes the PH in your skin. This is all natural and free of chemicals, preservatives, fragrance, parabens ect.. Just the way I like it. I bought the clay at The Vitamin Shoppe for $7.16. It is cheap and effective which is also how I like my products to be. I am on a mission to eliminate all unnatural skin care products I own and incorporate all natural skin care. This masks is great for oily and acne skin. Dry skin can also benefit from this product as well because it improves circulation to the face. It's also healing so you can use it on bug bites, stings and poison ivy. I would definitely recommend trying this product it is a fantastic mud mask for once a week. Go check out your local Vitamin Shoppe, you won't be disappointed.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Check out these Tanaka Anti-Aging Facial Massages!

Japanese beauty expert Yukuko Tanako presents her anti-aging face contouring massage. This routine takes 3 minutes and reduces wrinkles, sagging, dark circle and puffiness. I recommend you do this massage with almond oil which doesn't clog pores. I will be doing this routine everyday and will let you know how it works. This is a part of my new anti-aging series.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My review on Olay Professional Pro-X Cleansing System

Olay has really out did themselves this time. I just purchased this system at Walmart a week ago and I have to rave when raving is do. It claims to cleanse 6x better than basic cleansing. First off, this is a very simple basic tool to use. You put in the 2 AA batteries which are included, click in the brush and press on, me likey already. There are 2 speeds controls, normal and a little more intense if you will. It's waterproof so you can use it in the shower, which is nice because steam from your shower opens up your pores so this will work even better. It also comes with a sample of the Olay PRO-X Exfoliating Cleanser which is effective yet gentle. I have to say this is the most exciting product I have purchased in a long time. I love when I find a product that make my little heart flutter with anticipation to get it home and use it. This tool feels amazing on your skin. It exfoliates and improves circulation. It didn't cause any irritation and I would know if my skin was irritated right away. I am the poster girl for irritation believe me. Look up irritation in the dictionary and you'll see my little red face smiling back at you. This product was 29.99 in Walmart but I think that is the set price anywhere. I think its a great price for what you get. My skin looks fresher and more alive. I use it once day. If you have sensitive skin I suggest starting out slowly to see how you tolerate it. I personally think no one should have a problem with this system. I am a happy camper enough said. What do you think about this product. I can't compare it to Clarisonic because I have not got my hands on one of those bad boys yet. I think it's too expensive but that's just my own little beauty bloggers opinion. Check it out, I think it's worth every penny out of my little pink purse.

Order Murads The Water Secret and recieve two full size products for free!

Oder Murads new book "The Water Secret" at the following retail stores and receive two full sized products. All you have to do is forward your confirmation email from where your ordered the book from to That's it and you will recieve a full size of Murads Renewing Eye Cream and the new Hybrids Eye Lift. I have ordered my book already through Walmart for the price of $10.75. You can have the book shipped to the store site for free. Murad will send the products to your door. I think this is a great deal! For information on this deal visit this website here

Mila Kunis Cosmo Cover makeup look is amazing

I am a sucker for a great magazine cover. Mila kunis looks amazing on the cover of February 2011 Cosmopolitan. Her makeup is flawless. I love this look and was drawn to it the moment I layed my eyes on it. What do you think?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How would you like to see your world?

If I could see the world the way I wanted It would be in a constant state of beauty and peace. For one, I would like to see every one drinking tea other than coffee, chai tea to be exact. Tea is so calming and gives you a sense of peace in a cup even if it only last 5 minutes. So every one would be holding a cup of tea. Secondly everyone would be wearing something beautiful actually whimsical if you will. The clothes would flow nothing binding. White is the color that comes to mind but I would like to see powder blues, baby pinks, jewel tones, and greens. No black or grey allowed. In my world everything would shine and sparkle! The wind you would be lite but you where you could feel its pleasant touch. It would be a comfortable 70 degrees and it would be sunny with bright blue skies. The evenings would consist of light blue and purple skies with a tinge of orange and gold. There would be flowers blooming everywhere and trees high and mighty. There would be the scent of lavender, jasmine and orange blossoms all the time, well maybe some vanilla and pumpkin pie as well to mix it up. There would be no such thing as concrete, as we would walk on grass. Music would be playing in the background constantly. Calming, beautiful music like some of the songs I have on my blog. Everyone would have the look of content on there face as they passed you by. How would you like to see your world?

Dr. Wayne Dyer speaking on how to change the way you look at things.

This is just one of many vidoes Dr. Wayne Dyer has on how to become a more spiritual and enlightened person. I have read three of his books and am more than impressed with his way of seeing things. He is a very popular speaker and has numerous books which I will be doing a review on in another post. You can also watch more of his videos on your tube or visit his website here

I want to become an Esthetician

I have a passion for skincare more than anything else. I would like to become a medical esthetician and be able to perform more extensive treatments such as lasers and microdermabrasion. I would love to open my own spa one day. Now this is going to be quite a challenge being I am a stay at home mom with no one available to care for my son. I would have to go to school in the evening and get a job during the day as a childcare provider in my home. I have put my child first and put my dreams on the back burner for a while but I am feeling this gnawing feeling inside of me that won't go away. I want to do this so bad but I feel guilty for going for my dreams. I am 37 and not getting any younger which is scary. I know I could be successful and that would not only benefit me but my family as well. This is my plan and I hope I could pull this off. When you have a dream you go for it, right? What are your dreams and passions? Do you have challenges in meeting your dreams? I would love some feedback!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Skincare goodies I was sent from a webinar with leading dermatologist Dr. Leslie Baumann!

I recently attended a webinar with Dr. Leslie Baumann a leading Dermatologist and author of the Skin Type Solution which I also received along with the DVD. I will be doing a full review on the book, DVD and the skincare products I was sent for my skin type soon. I am extremely grateful for all the products I was sent and will be doing a review on each product. Here is the link to Dr. Baumanns website here Here's a list of what I recieved,

1. Vivite Vibrance Therapy
2. Cerave PM Moisturizing Face Lotion
3. Vichy NormaDerm Deep Cleaning Gel
4. Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle Deep Wrinkle Filler
5. Kinerase Ultra Rich Eye Repair
6. La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid SPF 45

Thanks Robyn from Dr. Baumanns office!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Physicians Formula Happy Booster: Glow Mood Boosting powder and blush

I don't know about you but I am a sucker for pretty, shiny, sweet smelling products. I also am a sucker for pretty packaging. This product has it all. Physicians Formula has come out with a line of Mood boosting powders that are suppose to you guessed it boost your mood. These powders and blushes are infused with Euphoryl, natural plant extracts which have been shown to promote feelings of happiness by mimicking the effect of endorphins and helping protect the skin from environmental stress. It is also infused with the sweet smell of violet and artic rose to provide a feeling of joy each time you apply. Well, this is what I have been waiting for! Being a stay at home mom, wife, counselor to my teenage daughter, part time beauty blogger and product reviewer. This will be my 60 seconds of bliss everyday when applying my blush and powder. Hopefully the effects last longer than 60 seconds. What do you think about this new line? Do you think this powder can boost your mood? I will do a review when I can get my hands on this asap.

Check out This is an amazing website for skin care information

Please watch this video on the story of toxins in our cosmetics!

I love my city

I love my city
I grew up in an apartment right under the Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan

One of my favorite You Tube Gurus

I finally found the perfect shade of Auburn

I finally found the perfect shade of Auburn
Loving my new haircolor, its Loreal Lightest Auburn and as they say in those Loreal commercials "Im In love".

My new hat

My new hat
Reminds me of the south!

My baby boy

My baby boy
Hes my joy!

My daughter

My daughter
They grow up so fast!

A much needed date night with the hubby

A much needed date night with the hubby