Monday, November 30, 2009

Beauty Sampler Vending Machine

New Beauty Magazine has come up with an idea to put high end beauty product samples in a vending machine. Instead of a soda or chips you can purchase the latest beauty products that are usually sold in Sephora or Nordstroms. What a brilliant idea! The samples are enough to last at least two weeks, which would give you a chance to try the pricy product before purchasing it. Here is a brief description of what samples they offer- Dr. Brandts Microdermabrasion treatment, DDF Moisturizing Dew, SuperSmile tooth whitining treatment, DDF Face wash, Elemis skin care and more high end products. The price range is from $3.00 to $10.00. The first vending machine has gone up in Miami Floridas Aventura Mall but they are hoping to put one in every mall and Airport in the nation. A venture i hope they succeed in. I'll be first in line!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nutrition for beautiful skin

Okay so we know makeup can does wonders in making us look beautiful, but what about nutrition for beauty. They say beauty comes from within and there right. Omega 3 Fatty Acids is what i consider the cure all for most skin conditions including acne, dry skin, rosacea, dandruff and many more conditons. Omega 3 Fatty acids control and diminish any inflammation going on in your body, which is what these skin conditions stem from. It moisturizes your skin from the inside out. Its good for your heart, circulatory system and also helps improve your mood. It comes in many forms like Fish oil, Flax seed oil and Primrose oil and Olive oil. You can purchase it in vitamin shops or at your local health food store. It comes in pill form as well as liquid and powder form. You can spread the powder form in cereals, salads or put it in a protein shake. You could even apply the liquid form to your problem areas or as a general moisturizer. It makes your hair shinier, your skin glows and your mood improves. I have been using it for the last 3 years and swear by it. Its worth the try you have nothing to loose but looking and feeling better!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Favorite Drug store Brands

My favorite drug store products are-
1. Loreal Voluminous mascara
2. Loreal HIP eyeshadows
3. Covergirl cheekers blush
4. Maybeline moisture whip lipsticks
5. Physicians Formula shimmer bricks
6. Maybeline Shiny-licious glosses
7. Revlon 12 hour eyeshadow quads
8. Revlon Illuminating creme eyeshadows
9. Covergirl single eyeshadows
10.Rimmel eyebrow pencils
11.Rimmel lipliners
12.Covergirl Wetslicks lipgloss
13.Revlon liquid and penciled eyeliners
14.Milani blushes and bronzers
15.Essence of Beauty brushes

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Great skincare products

Hello all,

I have been on a quest for the last 10 years to find the right skincare products for me. Now since i have been writing this blog i have everyone else in this beauty blog world in mind when i review or buy something. I consider if the product will be good for most skin types and is it something i would tell people its worth buying. Well, i have found a couple of items i think our great! The first product is the Oil Free Acne Wash from Neutrogena but not the original one its the new version its gentler and reduces facial redness. Its a green bottle and is usually sold right next to the original. It is so gentle yet so effective and believe me i have tried numerous amounts of face washes trust me! It really gets rid of the oil, calms your skin and takes care of your blemishes gently unlike other brands. Second product is called Picture Porefect from Dermadoctor. She has a website called Amazing product, its geared towards reducing pore size and retexturizing skin. It reduces oil, and helps with normalizing the Keratinization process in the skin. It has the powerhouse ingredients like Rentinol, Glycolic acid, Azelaic acid, Green tea and Willow bark which is a natural form of Salicylic acid. Its one of the best products i have used, it really smooths out skin and gets rid of Hyperpigmentation from old blemishes. I highly recommend this product! Last but certainly not least is the good old Retin-A Micro. I know the first thought to your mind, "It gets worse before it gets better myth", well thats not the case if you no how and how often to apply it. For one, its not to be used everday just twice a week is all you need. Use only twice a week and tha will reduce the inflammation process and peeling that sometimes happens with these products. Also another trick, Put it on using only a pea sice to forehead, cheeks, chin and all problem areas, then wait 10 minutes and rinse. Thats a little trick i have learned, think of it as your Retin A facial twice a week. DDF Moisturizing Dew is a great moisturizer and its oil free. There you have it guys and dolls! Good luck.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I have a dupe for Mac spice lipliner it"s Jordana's lipliner in Honey Dip. The colors are identical but the Jordana actually goes on smoother and stays on way longer. I also have a dupe for Nars orgasm, its Covergirl Cheekers in Rosesilk. Again the colors are very similiar and they both give you that just had some lovin look so enjoy!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Best blushes

For the last 5 yrs i have been on a quest to find the best blushes. I have found 6 that i think have made the cut and believe me i am hard to please. Here they are-Nars Orgasm a pinky peach color thats sheer yet gives you that glow from within hence the name Orgasm need i say more!-Covergirl cheekers blush in Plumberry glow, a pinky plum color that shouts happiness and joy and gives you an extra bounce in your step-Milani Blush in Mai Tai, a peachy pink color that goes on smooth and easy and gives you that warm lit from within color-Revlons Everythings Rosy, the perfect rose colored blush for that pinched cheeks look and it has good staying power-Benefit blush in Coralista, an beautiful coral color that shouts "Just got home from a needed vacation look". Well there you have it, i have tried and tested many but these were the winners. They are neutral and would look good on most skintones. So enjoy the pick me up we know only a good blush can give!

Please watch this video on the story of toxins in our cosmetics!

I love my city

I love my city
I grew up in an apartment right under the Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan

One of my favorite You Tube Gurus

I finally found the perfect shade of Auburn

I finally found the perfect shade of Auburn
Loving my new haircolor, its Loreal Lightest Auburn and as they say in those Loreal commercials "Im In love".

My new hat

My new hat
Reminds me of the south!

My baby boy

My baby boy
Hes my joy!

My daughter

My daughter
They grow up so fast!

A much needed date night with the hubby

A much needed date night with the hubby