Friday, May 28, 2010

My Wedding Day!

Here are some pics of my wedding day. That was the best day of my life besides my babies being born. I also posted a pic of the precious suprise in my tummy we got three years later! My baby boy!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Megan Fox's Allure Magazine Cover

Has anyone seen the new Allure Magazine Cover of Megan Fox? She looks gorgeous! I am not a fan of hers, but there is something about her makeup on this cover that pops out at you. Her lip and cheek color are what stand out the most. The color is so flattering, it's like a rosy vibrant watermelon color. I am on a quest to find a lip and cheek color as similiar as possible. It's a great color for summer too. Her eyes are very understated which is perfect paired with the vibrant lip and cheek color. The cheek color brings out her great bone structure. I am really impressed with this look and will let you know if I find something similiar. What do you think of this look? The June issue is on stands now, check it out!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Products I'm Really Loving!!!!

I have found some products that I'm really getting giddy over. The first product is NYC's Smoothing Bronzing Powder, I think this is the best bronzer I have ever tried and it's 3.00, go figure. It glides on so smoothly and is the perfect color. It doesn't turn orange which is really important to me. I went to CVS yesterday and bought 5 of them, I never do that. Next is Revlons Colorstay eyeshadow quad in Steel Impressions. Every eyeshadow is beautiful in this quad. I use all four eye shadows everyday. The highlight is a soft shimmery vanilla, the green is a shimmery emerald green, the light gray shadow is to die for and the sparkly black is great for the outer corners. There Coffee Bean quad use to be my favorite but steel impressions has taken it place. I am in love with a new eye cream from Kinerase called Restructure Firming Eye Cream. I got a sample at Sephora and I am blown away by the results I have gotten. I was given a generous sample and I only use a pea size if less on my eyes everyday. My eye area has never looked better. Its firmed, refreshed, hydrated and lifted my eye area. I am going this week to purchase it, the price is $55.00, to me its worth every penny! Your eye makeup goes on super smooth, so to me its a great primer. Go to sephora and ask for a sample, you will love it! My last but not least product is a set of Joico Hair products I got from Ulta. The set comes with a shampoo, condition and moisturizing hair mask treatment, all for 24.00 but if you use your ulta coupon for 20% off you get it for 20.00. It's worth it! My hair is color treated and is usually on the dry dull side. Since using it my hair color is richer and shinier. My hair also feels so much softer and bouncy and I haven't seen my hair like that since my twenties. So there you have it. These products are really good quality and have really impressed me. The bronzer is $3.00, the eyeshadow is $6.00 but CVS always has buy one get one free so you can get Coffee Bean which is a lovely smokey brown quad. As for the eye cream I suggest you get a sample of it at Sephora, ask for three samples, that is what your allowed. The Joico hair products are a fantastic deal being each product usually sells for about $20.00 each. Ulta usually sends 20% off coupons or 5.00 so that's even extra savings. What products are you loving right now? I would love to know! I live for it!

Friday, May 14, 2010


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Thursday, May 6, 2010

IT Cosmetics

A new brand to watch for!

A new brand to watch for is called IT Cosmetics. IT Cosmetics was developed by leading plastic surgeons in Brazil and infuses medical grade anti-aging technology into truly innovative high performance color cosmetics. IT cosmetics are creating new categories in beauty innovation and efficacy which results in ahead of the curb beauty solutions for women and men. IT cosmetics utilizes cutting-edge ingredients, including those inspired by the Amazon Rain forest, in it's patent pending formulas. Many IT products are water proof, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Check it out at

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Edelkoort Inc for Enchanted 2010

Edelkoort Inc provides trend analysis for companies in a wide range of sectors including fashion, beauty, design, interiors, food and so on. This year they are involved in a trend alert for spring called Enchanted. It is a fairytale concept if you will for makeup and hair and fashion. There beauty trend will take flight into a wonderful world of enchanted styles. From the sweetest pales and pastels to dynamic brights. They will play with transparencies in packaging, and sculptural materials will be used in the most extraordinary of combinations. Elements of nature, including invading plants and botanical motifs will call upon elfs and nymphs representations to ornate there beauty tools. Mono-ingredient flowery scents will take us to a world of fairy tales through the simplicity of their message. Naive and free, beauty this season will explore the realm of narration. I attached some pics of there fairytale and whimsical fashion.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Everyone needs to relax!

In this crazy, busy and hectic world we live in, everyone needs sometime to relax. I have a corner in my room by the window where I like to sit on my quaint little old lady (no offense to old ladies) rocker and stare out the window with tea in hand and a good book in another. I like to listen to the birds chirping and watch the trees swaying in the wind. It's a moment to clear my thoughts, to regroup if you will. I especially like doing this in the morning after I have juiced some oranges. I will take my giant cup of sunshine over to my special window to breathe, rock, sip and listen to nature. This I appreciate coming from New York City, I didn't have much nature to appreciate and the only sounds out my window were cars honking and people yelling. I have a back massager on my chair and foot massager at my foot rest so I pretend I'm at a spa. Everyone should pick a place whether in your home, park, salon or coffee shop where you can relax and clear your thoughts. Stress is a key factor in heart disease and high blood pressure so it's important to take some time to relax. Try some relaxing teas such as chamomile, white, green, roobios or a cup of dark hot chocolate is nice too. If you don't have nature near by you can purchase a c.d with soothing nature sounds such as birds chirping, waterfalls, rain and so on. You can also try burning some lavender oil which is very calming. So take that needed minute or hour to relax, your body and mind will thank you for it.

Please watch this video on the story of toxins in our cosmetics!

I love my city

I love my city
I grew up in an apartment right under the Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan

One of my favorite You Tube Gurus

I finally found the perfect shade of Auburn

I finally found the perfect shade of Auburn
Loving my new haircolor, its Loreal Lightest Auburn and as they say in those Loreal commercials "Im In love".

My new hat

My new hat
Reminds me of the south!

My baby boy

My baby boy
Hes my joy!

My daughter

My daughter
They grow up so fast!

A much needed date night with the hubby

A much needed date night with the hubby