Friday, March 5, 2010

Motives Cosmetics

Motives is an up and coming Makeup line by Lori Ridinger. It is suppose to be comparable to Mac cosmetics. You can shop for Motives on Market America through shopping with Mary at She is a representative for Market America who i interviewed for this post. Market America is an online portal to many high quality products. They also have very high quality Nutritional Supplements and Diet Supplements. Here is a short list of Motive products comparable to Mac.
1.Amber Lights-Pink Gold
2.Smut- Dusk
3.Electra- Sex in the City
4.Shroom- Pearl
5.Sable- Cinnamon Spice
6.Antiqued- Bedroom Eyes
7.Bronze- Chic
8.Charcoal Brown- Cappuccino
9.Expresso- Hershey Kiss
10. Wedge- Latte
1.Turkish Delight-Debutante Pink
2.Casino-Miami Glow
This list of Dupes is from Motives, it is not my opinion.
I will be ordering some of these dupes and I will do a review on it.
You can check out Motives website for a more detailed overview of the cosmetics

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