Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This is a list of ingredients to avoid for acne or in general. Most of the ingredients I will be listing are carcinogenic. Most of these ingredients are also stored in fat cells which are released in our bloodstream in times of stress, perspiration and nutritional deficiencies. If possible write them down and keep them handy when you are shopping for skincare, hair and makeup products. If possible try to go as natural as possible. I will be doing a post soon on how to detoxify your skin and body to get rid of acne. I will have to toss alot of my skincare products out, because most of them have one or more of these ingredients. I will be researching all natural skincare products that don't cause allergic reactions as some do. Stay tuned!
1. Argireline
2. Alcohol Denatured
3. Aluminum
4. Ammonium
5. BHT & BHA
6. Coal Tar
7. FDC Dyes and other colorants
8. Cocamidopropyl Betaine
9. Dimethicone, Methicone
11.Octyl Stearate
13.PEG-100 Stearate
14.Parabens and Lanolins
16.Phenonip(a paraben cocktail)
17.Mineral Oil
18 Petrolatum
20.Hydroquinone (known to cause severe hyperpigmentation)
21.Emulsifying Wax
25.Fragrances or anything to claim Fragrance Free, there are fragrances to hide the real smell of the product especially if it's organic. Your better off if the product stinks!
26.Glycerin (look for vegetable glycerin instead)
27.Glycerol Stearate
28.Grapefruit Seed Extract
32.All Sulfates, Lauryl, Laureth ect..
34.Imidazalidol Urea
35.Talc (do not use this product on babies)

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Please watch this video on the story of toxins in our cosmetics!

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I love my city
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I finally found the perfect shade of Auburn
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A much needed date night with the hubby